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Ready Pedal Go



Ann and Steve can teach everyone to ride a bike, both adults and children. And teenagers! With our methods - which concentrate on confidence and comfort - you will be pedalling away within a couple of lessons, even if you’ve never tried cycling before. Yes, you can learn to ride.

Your child can ditch the stabilisers, and learn to ride a bicycle with us in a fun way. A couple of hours of structured tuition will relieve the stress and the strain on your back. Of course, if you prefer running along holding them upright for hours on end while they struggle to balance ............

All learner lessons are one-to-one or two siblings together.

We'll also check the setup of your bike, adjusting brakes for optimum comfort and efficiency.

We have a small adult bike that you can borrow for your first lesson if you don't have a bike yet. Then we can talk about what kind of bike to buy.

We guarantee satisfaction or your money back, and have a 100% success rate.


Ann and Steve have now retired from teaching Bikeability in schools.

But, you can have a private session for your family or yourself at Level 1, 2 or 3.

  • Level 1 is aimed at children aged 8 and older, who can ride a bike, and is a prerequisite for level 2;
  • Level 2 is for children aged 10 or older and adults, usually run with Level 1;
  • Level 3 is for children that have passed level 2 and ridden their bikes a lot, or for cyclists over 13.

While level 1 and 2 are aimed at children, it is recommended that they participate with their peer group at school or club, or with their family, in order to get maximum benefit and enjoyment.

For full details of Bikeability, including standards and some fun things to do visit the Bikeability website.

Bikeability Courses

“Cycling Proficiency for the 21st century”

Bikeability Level 1 Badge
Level 1

Level 1 Bikeability training teaches you to control and master your bike. The training takes place in an environment away from cars or traffic — usually in a playground or empty car park. This is the basis for riding your bike on the road, where hand signals and looking behind you are essential when riding in traffic. These sessions are designed to be fun, and include group games and interaction with other cyclists to encourage and practice the skills gained.

Bikeability Level 2 Badge
Level 2

During Level 2 Bikeability training you will put into practice the skills gained on Level 1 and get out onto some quiet roads with some traffic! Level 2 gives you a real cycling experience so that you are able to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school. Hand signals and looking behind you are essential when riding in traffic, and these are practiced lots while overtaking parked vehicles, and turning left or right, into and out of side roads.

Bikeability Level 3 Badge
Level 3

With Bikeability Level 3 training, you will learn the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions than on Level 2. When you reach Level 3 standard you will be able to deal with more challenging traffic situations, such as negotiating bigger junctions, multi‑lane roads, roundabouts and traffic lights.


For those wishing to cycle to work or take longer journeys. While providing all the elements for safe cycling, Bikeability training might not be sufficient for some people to take the first step.  That’s where mentoring comes in.  We can ride the route with you, suggest ways to tackle it, or look at alternative routes.